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The Standard listing
For a single standard listing of 100 words or less, submitted to a single category: $80.00 per year
Each additional standard listing of 100 words or less in any category: $60.00 per year.

Upgrade your FREE 25 word Listing with a World Culinary Institute Enhanced or Page Top Listing.

We offer a broad range of enhanced listing option! There is a cornucopia of options that will make your listing stand out. See enhanced listing options.

On the Enhanced Listing page you will find many options that will amplify the recognition value of your listing, Bold Text, Colored Text, colored backgrounds, Logo graphics and animated logo's.

Preferred Listing
The World Culinary Institute also provides you the option of TOP of PAGE Listing (Preferred Listing Positions) Only two preferred listing per page in any directory or category.

The preferred listing program allows you to purchase a top of page listing on the World Culinary Institute web site in any category of your choice. Free listing are categorized in the order they are received. A preferred Top of Page listing allows you to have better control of where your listing appears and unlike the free link, the preferred Top of Page listing can be listed in up to two categories.

What does the Preferred Top of Page listing cost?

For a single listing submitted to any individual page within a category:
$800 paid on an annual basis or $250 per quarter.

For additional single listing within any category:
$700 paid on an annual basses or $225 per quarter.

All graphics and text submissions are the responsibility of the submitter.

Does WCI provide other enhanced listing options?
We are pleased to provide many low to medium cost listing enhancement options, from highlighted text to side-bar advertising space. Just CLICK on the Enhanced Listing Options button located at the top of this page to view the various options and pricing
How do I pay?

Please fill out the add a Listing form, your link must be approved to ensure that the content of your page is related to the category you are requesting. When your submitted listing is approved, you will be sent an invoice via email. You will need to mail a copy of your invoice with a check made payable to: The World Culinary Institute and your sites activation will be processed accordingly.

Does WCI offer Banner Advertisement?

Yes, we offer banner and side bar area listings for more information Click on Link or contact   World Culinary Institute.com

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